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The Third Annual Innovation Conference will be presented by JCITR on Thursday, April 6, 2017.
Researchers across multiple academic disciplines at Indiana University Bloomington will come together with regional industry executives Thursday, April 6, at the third annual Bloomington Innovation Conference and Reception on the IU campus. Presentations will be made from renowned companies along with presentations from winners of the JCITR Translational Research Pilot Grant Program. There will also be a poster session and opportunities to interact with industry partners and other entrepreneurial faculty

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2016 Events

Indiana University Bloomington is exploring an alternative energy solution to powering campus vehicles through AlGalCo, an Indianapolis based startup specializing in hydrogen production.
AlGalCo’s patented hydrogen-on-demand technology produces hydrogen by adding water to an alloy comprised of over 90% common aluminum. This innovative process reduces the demand for oil, prevents air pollution, and depends on the renewable energy source aluminum.

AlGalCo has received positive feedback while testing their process. Carmel, Indiana implemented AlGalCo’s hydrogen-on-demand technology into their primary street cleaning vehicle as part of the city’s green initiative. So far these efforts have increased gas mileage and reduced harmful emissions.

AlGalCo visited the Indiana University Bloomington campus in early June to demonstrate the advantages of this technology and discuss opportunities. If there is interest from Indiana University or the City of Bloomington then vehicles used by these organizations may run on AlGalCo’s cleaner, fuel-efficient resources in the near future.

To learn more about AlGalCo and their hydrogen-on-demand process, visit their website. Photos below.

algoco  algoco2  algoco3  algoco4 

The Second Annual Innovation Conference was presented by JCITR on Thursday, March 31, 2016.
Presentations were from Cook Biotech Incorporated and Eli Lilly and Company along with winners of the JCITR 2015 Translational Research Pilot Grant Program. Additionally, there was a poster session and opportunities to interact with industry partners and other entrepreneurial faculty. Photos below.

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Archived Events

2015 Gill Symposium Wednesday September 30th

For the symposium schedule of events, hotel accommodations and parking information, please visit the Gill Center 2015 Symposium website.

Innovation Conference, 2015

CEO of Mapp Biopharmaceutical, Kevin
Whaley, speaks at IUB Inovation Conference.

IUB Innovation Conference
was held on Friday, April 24, 2015. This year’s conference focused on helping IU Bloomington faculty become familiar with resources they can use to support translational research projects. Conference materials including information on presenters, presentation slides and a video can be found below.

Conference Presenters
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Used for industry-funded contracts, includes FY16 fringe benefit rates and newly negotiated F&A rates for future periods.